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Who doesn't want to save money?

At Switch2, a Division of Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited, as authorised and trusted financial advisors, we strive to save you money – by switching and by helping you to make informed financial decisions. We consider our valued clients’ financial interests with the same amount of care as we would handle our own.

Switch2, a Division of Clientèle Life Assurance Company Limited, an authorised Financial Services Provider and Registered Insurer (FSP Number 15268)

We are entrepreneurial, purposeful, responsive, synergistic, determined, courageous, customer centric, effective, and disruptive (in the best way possible).

We are for Savings
Switch2 was created to help South Africans save money, specifically when it comes to credit life insurance. With over five decades of collective experience in the Financial Services and Insurance industries, our team of skilled specialists pride themselves on giving their customers solutions that mean more money in the bank every month.

We are for Guarantees
The Switch2 team guarantees integrity at every interaction. With a company culture underpinned by the values of trustworthiness, reliability and security, we offer our clients the utmost in peace of mind. All information shared with the Switch2 team is 100% confidential, will not be shared with any third party and is used strictly to find you money saving options.

All alternative, low cost products presented by the Switch2 system are approved and certified financial services products. Our Customer Service team is available between 08h00 and 17h00, Monday to Friday, to assist with any queries or concerns.

Contact Customer Service on 087 700 0022 or info@switch2.co.za.

We are for Visions & Missions
Our vision is to be the most effective financial services switching company, saving customers money and offering the most affordable and reliable cost equivalent products.

Our mission is to maintain our position as the switching specialists of choice for South African Financial Services, using intelligence, integrity and technology to save customers money.

We are for Proven Processes
Our methods are tried and tested, our results speak for themselves, our technology is innovative and proven to save you money in a minute or less (all you have to do is CLICK, we’ll CHECK, and you SAVE).

Step 1:
Click on “Start Saving Today – Here’s How” and Enter your details and click “Get Started”
Step 2:
Enter your ID number (which is kept 100% confidential) and click “Accept”
Step 3:
Instantly see your saving potential! Click “Yes Investigate” to continue (this creates no obligation to switch just yet)
Step 4:
Answer a few quick questions and click “Next Read Terms and Conditions”
Step 5:
Read some important information, and click “I Accept – Switch Me!”
That's it! That's all it takes to save.


What we do at Switch2 is look at all your credit life insurance policies with all of your lenders, and do a comparison on:

  • The premiums you are paying.
  • The policy terms and conditions.
  • The benefits.
  • The exclusions and circumstances under which benefits will not be provided.

All waiting periods are carried over from the policy being replaced. These waiting periods do not start again, but continue running from where you left off on your current policies.

After we have compared all of the above, we combine all your current policies into a single credit life insurance policy which is more suitable to your need of saving money on your premiums . If you allow us to assist you, you won’t pay any charges to replace your policy and you won’t go through any new waiting periods, and all your policy terms will either be the same or better than what you currently have, unless we clearly stipulate otherwise.


Our policy includes the following minimum benefits on each of your insured accounts:

  • Payment of the outstanding balance directly to the lender in the event of your death or permanent disability.
  • Payment of the full monthly instalment for a period of up to 12 months in the event you suffer a loss of employment, through retrenchment or any other cause through no fault of your own.
  • Payment of the full monthly instalment for a period of up to 2 months in the event that you or your partner give birth or legally adopt a child, and one full monthly instalment if you are hospitalised for a period of 7 days or more.

Our policy has certain exclusions that we must make you aware of:

  • This policy is only available to people who are earning an income. Please note that you will need to be able to demonstrate that you were earning an income prior to claims stage.
  • Suicide exclusion is from the policy being replaced.
  • Waiting periods are carried over from the policy being replaced. These do not start again, but continue running from where you left off on your current polices.

You will not be covered if an insured event occurs:

  • On or after you refuse medical treatment.
  • On or after you drive under the influence or otherwise breaking the law.
  • With respect to retrenchment, you resign or accept voluntary retrenchment or redundancy despite the fact that alternative employment was offered to you.

Bottom Line

In life, everything can often be brought back to the bottom line. With us, the bottom line means saving. We’ll reduce your monthly expenses and help you find financial freedom. Driven by an ethos of trust and credibility, we’ll help you manage your funds with the integrity that we would use to manage our own.



Why Save?

Well that’s a silly question… who doesn’t want to save? With a few simple clicks, Switch2 can give you the option of saving an average of R 7 000.00 a year – it’s simple, it’s effective, and it puts the power of the pocket in your hands.



How Is This Possible?

Our team’s expert, trusted knowledge enables us to review your current loan payments in just two clicks. With the intelligent Switch2 platform, we use this information to offer you the lowest cost equivalent products available – in short, you save!


Switch2 helped me to save money by reducing my monthly expenses with all of the companies that I have accounts with. I had no idea this was possible and I am thrilled with the results. I am saving a significant amount of money each month and this adds up to a couple of thousand Rands each year.

Switch2’s customer service team has been extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help with reducing their monthly loan payments. You have no idea how much Switch2 can help you until you join!

- Ian M





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It’s silly season and the holidays are (almost) in full swing. The festive season is often a time when most throw caution to the wind and engage in enough retail therapy to last well into the new year. The thrill of getting that item you covet is, however, distinctly short term. The cost, on the other hand, will have a lasting and often damaging impact.

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Financial management can be a tricky endeavour. Whether personally or professionally, debt has a way of creeping ever higher, seemingly unnoticably. If you feel like you’re sinking into debt, do not fret - here are three tips to help you get back on your feet.

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The purpose of credit life insurance is to assist consumers in paying their debts in the event of an insured event occurring. Whether due to death, disability, illness, maternity leave or retrenchment, the urgency of having claims paid timeously cannot be overstated. The key is to receive assistance before creditors are forced to take legal action, making what could already be a stressful time in the consumer’s life even more strenuous.

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When purchasing a car, there are many difficult decisions to make. From fixed and linked interest rates, to the ideal deposit amount, new or used, balloon payments and the optimum contract period, buyers should ensure that they’ve done their research and understand the implications before signing on the dotted line.

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Credit life insurance is often poorly understood; even by those that are most likely to purchase it. Generally, the first experience credit consumers have with insurance is credit life cover, yet many don’t fully grasp what is included, how it works or what their rights are.

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Next month (August 2017), new credit life insurance regulations will come into effect. These regulations have been established to offer you, the consumer, greater protection. However, as is often the case when it comes to credit life insurance, if you aren’t aware of your rights and the benefits they entitle you to, you can’t claim these benefits.

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Whether you’ve got store accounts or a credit card, vehicle loans or credit life cover, Switch2 strives to save you money. But that’s not enough. To create real nett worth, the key is to earn while you save.

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At Switch2, we believe in following a TCF Policy; Treat Customers Fairly. Part of this is helping customers to claim, even when they aren’t sure they can. The first step to achieving this is to help customers understand the claims process.

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Saving For A Rainy Day; Will It Be A Drizzle Or A Flood?

The first step to financial planning is setting a budget. The second is sticking to it. In planning effectively for the future, a certain amount of savings should be built into the monthly budget. This money should be put aside – and if you have a propensity for transferring it back to use in the same month, put it in a limited-access account to ensure you make headway in protecting your future financial freedom.

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How Will Junk Status Affect SA's Pockets

South Africans collectively shook their heads in incredulous disbelief as the announcement was made that the country had been downgraded to junk status. While this will undoubtedly affect our pockets, the responsible approach is to implement contingency plans, learning to cope with the added pressures this downgrade entails.

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Four Steps To Financial Discipline

If you’ve ever dreamed of a day when your home-loan is the only debt to pay, you’ll know that that dream will never materialise without financial discipline. Constantly revolving on loans or using the minimum payment paid into the credit card keeps consumers in debt, spending a fortune on interest and consistently living beyond their means.

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Three Tips For Managing Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance can be a grudge purchase, but it is nevertheless required by law. While debtors are required to take this cover, there is no set requirement regarding with which provider the cover must be held. The keys to managing credit life insurance are; knowing your rights, reviewing your loan agreement, and cross-checking the cost of the cover.

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Which Loans Usually Include Credit Life Insurance?

According to a study by Business Report, credit life insurance is by far the most common form of long-term insurance by number of policies sold globally (although it can be a short-term insurance product too).

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Is Switching Credit Life Cover Legal?

Credit life insurance is a mandatory requirement in terms of the National Credit Act (NCA). While it is a requirement to have the cover in place, there is no prerequisite as to which provider the cover should be taken through and it’s a creditor’s right to choose who to insure through. As such, while creditors are required to have credit life insurance in place, they may switch cover without any repercussions.

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Credit Life Assurance; An Insurance Lifeline

As the saying goes, two things are certain in this life; death and taxes. Unfortunately, death is not the end of the line for your credit – leaving loved ones with the responsibility of settling what they can out of your estate.

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Top Tips; How Credit Life Assurance Affects You

The Credit Ombud defines credit life assurance as; “The cover a consumer takes out in the event of their death, disability, terminal illness, unemployment, or other insurable risk that is likely to impair the consumer’s ability to earn an income or pay their monthly instalments under a credit agreement.”

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Three Simple Ways To Save Money In 2017

Saving money shouldn’t be a burden – and it isn’t all that difficult to do. When we’re tied up in our own finances it can become difficult to identify saving opportunities, but with a bit of perspective saving really can become simple.

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The Difference Between Credit Life Insurance & Life Insurance

In the heavily regulated and legislated insurance industry, jargon can become confusing. It is essential that consumers remain aware of which cover covers which debt or event; particularly to avoid a nasty surprise when it comes to claiming.

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