How does credit life insurance work?

If you are retrenched, become disabled, lose your income due to maternity leave, become critically ill or pass away – how will your debt be covered?

This is when credit life insurance helps you and your family.

Credit Life Insurance ensures that your outstanding debt repayments are paid directly to your lenders when you are unable to pay them yourself.

Who doesn't want to save money?

Switch2 is for Proven Processes

Our methods are tried and tested, our results speak for themselves, our technology is innovative and could save you money in a minute or less.

We offer our clients the utmost in peace of mind, presenting the most affordable and reliable cost equivalent credit insurance products while keeping all information 100% confidential.

How do we do it?

In just a few clicks, Switch2 will consider your credit life insurance policies and compare:

  • The premiums you are paying;
  • The policy terms and conditions;
  • The benefits; and
  • The exclusions and circumstances under which benefits will not be provided.

With this comparison we’re empowered to combine your policies into one credit life policy, better meeting your needs while offering potential savings. With Switch2 you won’t pay any charges to replace your policy, and you won’t go through any new waiting periods*.

* These waiting periods do not start again, but continue running uninterrupted.