Derrick Adonis

“I must admit that when I first received a call from Switch2 I thought it was too good to be true.

I quickly realised that there is so little that I know about credit life cover.

The call centre agent educated me – and I know there are many consumers out there that need that education.

Switch2 has made such an impact on my life with many benefits and lower costs.

I wish it was established decades ago, imagine how much I could have saved! I’ll be switching my car insurance soon too.”

Lezel Adams

“As a costs administrator in the plastics industry, I am fully aware of the need to manage the financial implications of every budget line item.

When I received a call from a Switch2 call centre agent, I had just taken a bank loan which carried expensive credit life cover – the call came just at the right time.

The excellent customer service was a bonus, but the real win for switching was the savings I received – which I can now spend on things I really want.”

Randy Pillay

“I’m a qualified accountant so, in my life, money is always the ultimate factor in every decision.

My wife and I were blessed with our first child a few months ago, and having a newborn in the house has illuminated the need to be even more aware of our expenditure.

The call centre agent who helped me to switch and save was excellent and the process was effortless.

Now I am saving R500 per month, which is going into my child’s education fund.

It’s a win, win.”

Thabisa Dondola

“When I heard about Switch2, I knew this was the answer to my saving needs and would put money back in my pocket.

I am now saving a massive R1500 per month, which I am happily putting away in a savings account.

This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever had savings!

Despite this, it was not the money that got me to switch, but rather the quality of the Switch2 service.

Thank you!”